LEA Plan on the Safe Return to in Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

Dear Families, Staff, and Community Members,

The New Hampshire Department of Education wants to hear from staff, families, and community members in the Mason School community as part of the 603 Bright Future Survey!  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete it!  For those who missed the original deadline, the DOE has extended the survey until August 1, 2021.    Please click the appropriate link below to take part in the survey.

For Families with children in K-12, Preschool, and Private Schools:  www.bit.ly/nhdoefamily

For Staff:  www.bit.ly/nhdoestaff

For Community Members (“Community Members” are those who do not have students enrolled in New Hampshire Public Schools.  Those who do should complete the family survey instead): www.bit.ly/nhdoecommunity

Once again, the survey has been extended until August 1, 2021 for you to complete.  Should you need assistance in completing the survey, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  Thank you!

Patti O’Mara, Director of Student Support Services – 603-878-2962 ext. 17


June 22, 2021

Dear Families,

I hope vacation is going well so far.  I just wanted to let you know that there have been some major changes to the recommendations for schools from the NH DHHS.    Last week Dr. Chan provided us with an update about precautions that we should have in place for summer school and also for the fall.   I will briefly summarize the new recommendations:  

  1. All decisions about precautions should be made based on the current COVID numbers in Mason and our local community.
  2. Masks should be optional for everyone (vaccinated or unvaccinated) especially during the warmer weather. 
  3. Social distancing has been relaxed.   As a school we will continue to encourage  3 feet of social distancing within the school building as much as possible.
  4. Hand hygiene and covering coughs remain very important.
  5. Staying home when sick, even with mild symptoms, is VERY important.  Please continue to communicate with Nurse Carrier about any illness.   This is what is going to keep us from having to tighten up on precautions. 
  6. Quarantine guidelines have been relaxed.  If a household member is sick with COVID; quarantine will still be required for household members.  If a child or staff member comes in contact with someone COVID positive in school, it is important to closely monitor and communicate information about the close contact but quarantining may not be required.    
  7. Continue to use air filtration systems and keep windows open as much as possible. 
  8. Masks are being recommended on school busses when 3 feet of social distance can not be maintained.   So depending on the number of bus riders next year masks may be required on the busses.  

These are major changes we have been given, and as Dr. Chan stated: We have entered the  “transitioning out of a pandemic” phase.  Based on data and lessons learned this past school year the NH DHHS feels confident that these recommendations are what is best for schools at this time.    At any time we  may need to increase precautions based on local COVID infection rates.   This may mean that masks may be required again or increasing social distancing may need to happen as the winter months arrive.   We will closely monitor the situation and make the best decision possible with the information we have   As the start of the school year comes closer we will update you with any changes to the precautions, but as of now it’s looking like school will be much more “normal” than last year.  

 We were  required to submit a plan to the state that summarized what we did last school year as well as our plans for next school year.  This plan was reviewed and approved at last night’s School Board meeting.   The LEA Plan for the Safe Return to In-Person Instruction  can be found on the school’s website for you to review for more information.   As always if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Nurse Carrier or myself.


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