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April 21 - 25, 2014


Monday, April 28, 2014

*Drama Club 3:30-5:00pm


* Lego Club Session II 3:30 - 4:30pm

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

*Drama Club 3:30 - 5pm

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*Drama Club 3:30 - 5pm

Thursday, May 1, 2014

*NWEA Testing


*Mason on The Move 3:30 - 4:40pm

To the Parents of Mason Students going to Milford Public School:

When Mason Elementary School has a 2 hour delay, that means that the Middle and High School students also have a 2 hour delay. If Mason Elementary School cancels school due to bad road conditions and Milford has a delayed opening, there will be NO bus transporation going to Milford. Parents can drive their children to school or it would be considered an excused absence day and students will be able to make up work. Please watch for notifications on WMUR, Channel 9.

Welcome to Mason Elementary School SAU #89.  Mason Elementary School is located at 13 Darling Hill Road in Mason, New Hampshire.  Our elementary school was remodeled and added onto in 2009.  Our school consists of Grades 1 – 5 and morning half day Pre-School and Kindergarten.  The average class size is 15-1 ratio.  We continue to offer comprehensive curricula which also includes classes in Technology, Art, Music and twice a week Physical Education.  Our students go to the Mason Public Library which is located across the street.  We are an award winning Green school by the State of New Hampshire, and we were recently ranked in the top 10% in State testing. 


We offer an outstanding cafeteria program which all of our foods are prepared on the premises.  We have a breakfast program, snack, and lunch program for the students and staff as well as host a Senior Breakfast once a month.


We have after school programs for students three days a week which includes Lego Club, Mason on the Move, and Drama Club which will be our 3rd musical.  The Mason School Club gives us a great amount of support including paying for our buses for field trips, put on a holiday craft fair and fund the last week of school which is “Spirit Week”. 


This school is the center of activity, but the Town of Mason offers opportunities for people to come together such as Community Suppers, Old Home Day, Fireman’s Breakfast or special events put on by the Recreation Department. 


After graduation from Mason Elementary School the students go on to Milford Middle School and Milford High School.  Last year 5 out of the 10 highest academic students were Mason Elementary School graduates.

In the Town of Mason and our School District, children come first.  Feel free to contact us at (603) 878-2962.


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