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Monday, September 1st



Tuesday, September 2nd

First Day of Pre-School

9:00am - 12:00pm


Mason School Club Meeting at 9:15 am in the school cafeteria

Monday, September 8th

NWEA Testing Begins

Tuesday, September 10th

Superintendent/Principal Parent Meeting @9:15am

Monday, September 22nd

Tour and School Board Meeting at 6:00pm

To the Parents of Mason Students going to Milford Public School:

When Mason Elementary School has a 2 hour delay, that means that the Middle and High School students also have a 2 hour delay. If Mason Elementary School cancels school due to bad road conditions and Milford has a delayed opening, there will be NO bus transporation going to Milford. Parents can drive their children to school or it would be considered an excused absence day and students will be able to make up work. Please watch for notifications on WMUR, Channel 9.

I would like to welcome back students, faculty, and parents for the 2014-2015 school year.


We have been very busy this summer! We'd like to thank Mr. Rick, Mr. Parent, Babin Landscaping and many others who have helped complete our summer projects for Mason Elementary School. 

We have added the following new personnel to our staff: Kristen Kivela is our new Director of Student Services. Kristen's family has lived in Mason for the last 125 years. She attended Mason Elementary School as a child. Kristen started her teaching career at Mason and went back to school to become an administrator. We are very excited to have her on staff.


Alexcina Leel is our new Grade 5 Teacher. Alexcina has experience as a special education teacher, a classroom teacher, and para professional. She's participated and coached many destination imagination teams over the years and is looking forward to starting destination imagination at Mason Elementary.


Jill Lockwood is our new Special Education/Title 1 Teacher. Jill has experience as a special education teacher, a classroom teacher, and a teacher of a gifted and talented program.


Jonas Taub is our new School Psychologist. Jonas has over 35 years of experience as a school psychologist as well as being a college professor.


For this year I have been appointed by the Mason School Board as Superintendent/Principal of Schools.


Please check our web page for up to date information from teachers and staff. Also included on our web page's are the school calendar, cafeteria menu, bus routes, and student handbook to name a few.


Our own Chef Deb was recently on WMUR for a lunch presentation. Please click here to view her yourself.


Just to let parent's know that on the first day of school we will be having a walk through Fire Drill. On day 2 we will be having a walk through Lock Down/Intruder Drill. In the near future we will be having a Bus Evacuation Drill. First Student will notify us of the date.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your continued support.


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