September 9, 2016

Dear Families,

A week and a half into the school year and it seems like we never left!   The children (and adults) have transitioned nicely and there’s lots of learning and laughing happening throughout the building.   Preschool started this week and I’m pretty sure there were more tears from the parents than the kids!  It is great to have everyone back!

I apologize for any bus issues that happened this year.  The first three days are scheduled to work out the kinks and we surely had some kinks to work out.   I believe it is all straightened out now but if there are any concerns please contact the bus company first and then call the school if you need any assistance.

We had our first fire drill last week and lock down drill this week.  It’s amazing how quickly we can evacuate and lock down this building.   We will continue to look at ways in which we can improve the safety of the school.   There will be other drills throughout the school year just to make sure we are always prepared!

School Club had their first meeting of the year and they have some new and exciting ideas for this school year.   We would love to have you join us at a meeting.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4th at 9:15 in the staff room.   School Club will also be sending home a sign-up sheet looking for volunteers to help run activities throughout the year.  Any support you can offer the School Club would be greatly appreciated!   They do so much for the children at Mason Elementary.

I saw this quote and it really hit home with me.   Even though academics are important it is also important that we are raising kind and compassionate children.  We are so lucky to work in a town that raises children that already have these characteristics; we just have to continue to foster these traits.


As always please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.   Have great weekend!