Covid-19 Information

Below you will find a brief narrated powerpoint providing you with more information about the Educational Choice Model that we will be starting the year in.   You will also find a commitment letter that you need to fill out for each child that will be attending MES in the fall.   The letter is a fillable form that you can email back to me at or mail to the school 13 Darling Hill Road.  Please return your commitment letter by next Wednesday, August 5th at the latest.

Emergency Broadband Benefit Consumer Information
Parent Letter for the EBB Program
School District Letter Regarding Disclosure Information for the EBB Program

Health Alert Network Update 03/18/2021
NH COVID-19 Travel Guidance 03/18/2021
Covid Parent Newsletter from the Nurse 012921
Covid Student-Teacher Testing Locations 01/14/2021
Covid Student-Teacher Testing Locations 01/04/2021
Parent Letter 09/25/2020/Survey Link:

Self Quarantine Guide 01/14/2021
Self Isolation Guide
Talking with Children about Coronavirus
Parent Letter 102320 – Free Meals Extended
Food Service Waiver Letter 09/10/2020
Welcome Back

Power Point
Commitment Letter
Parent Letter 8/11/2020
Parent Letter Regarding Travel 8/12/2020
Covid Testing Sites
Covid Testing Options
MES Reopening Guidelines
Parent Letter 082520 From Nurse
Checklist for Parents 082520