Mason Mileage Club

We are so excited to announce that this year we will be running the Mason Mileage Club again this year!  The Club is essentially a walking club, promoting good health and fitness for our kids.  We all know the benefits of exercise on children’s physical fitness levels.  Studies show that there are amazing benefits of exercise to the brain as well!  Physical activity Is shown to boost blood flow to the brain, promote sharper thinking skills, increase self-confidence, lead to better moods, sustained concentration and sounder sleep.

The Mason Mileage Club will provide the opportunity for students, grades Kindergarten through 5th, to walk for fitness.  The Mileage Club will be held before school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15 – 8:45 a.m.  Please do not drop your child off before the 8:15 start time out back, as there will be no supervision until then.  We would like to begin on Tuesday, September 12th, and walk up until Thanksgiving Holidays.  Our timeline could change depending on weather, of course.  We would then resume walking in April through June.  The walking course will be entirely on school grounds.  Your child needs no special equipment to participate other than appropriate walking shoes.  Be sure to have him/her dress appropriately for the weather as well.  Each student is free to walk as far as he or she can at his/her pace during the designated time.  The Mason Mileage Club is non-competitive.  However, we will be tracking our walking progress and setting distance goals as a whole club.  We will award distance tracking incentives along the way.  The Mason Mileage Club is to be motivational and fun for the students while getting fit.  We think your child will really enjoy the Mason Mileage Club and hope you consider signing him/her up!!

Mrs. Karen Mann & Mrs. Deb Cullen