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Dear Families,

We want to keep you as informed as possible, so that together we can continue to keep ourselves, each other and our community in good health.  The testing at school is going well, helping to keep kids in class, families working, and pandemic stress at bay. Here is some more information you may find helpful as we continue to navigate this together.

If you are looking for COVID vaccine information, you may go to: For information on where and how to get COVID vaccine information for your children aged 5-11, please see:

Attached, please find a flyer for a free Covid Vaccine Clinic being offered by the City of Nashua Division of Public Health. This is just another option for you to obtain your vaccine if you wish to do so.  I have an inside scoop that there may be another one offered in Brookline as well, but do not have details for that one as of yet. I have also attached a fact sheet about the vaccine itself for your information as well. We always encourage good communication with your pediatrician if you should have any questions going forward.

We will continue to work hard with the goals of keeping the students, families and community of Mason healthy and well educated until the pandemic is over. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

For a Healthy School,


Danielle Carrier RN (School Nurse)

(603) 878-2962 x18