Kindergarten Registration Information

Dear Families,

Hopefully winter is really over now!   I can’t lie I enjoyed having one more day of sledding at recess.  The kids are just so happy and carefree when they are sledding!

We are looking forward to Eclipse Day on Monday.  Remind your children to dress in yellow, black or something else celestial!   We will be talking to the kids about the importance of keeping their glasses on if they are looking at the sun, but please reinforce this at home with them as well.  The library has solar glasses available for the community if anyone in your household needs a pair.   We have enough for all the students and I have some extra that I can hand out to parents that pick their children up on Monday.   We will have the walkers gather out front to take a peek at the eclipse at 3:29.   Bussers will be out back in their bus lines to watch.   

This year for our family night we will be having a music and art show.   This will take place on Thursday, May 30th from 5-6.   More information will be coming, but please mark your calendar.   

Below you will find events planned through May.  We are working on the June schedule and will get that out ASAP.  It’s hard to believe we are talking about the end of the school year events already! 

April   22-26     Vacation 

May      6-10th  Staff Appreciation week 

             14th      3rd, 4th, 5th state reading testing

              21st      3rd, 4th, 5th state math testing

              24th     Memorial Day celebration – wear red, white and blue 

                             Grades 4 and 5 visit the NH State House  

               27th    No School Memorial Day

               29th    5th grade state science test 

               30th    Family Night 5-6 

Have a great weekend! 


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