Parent’s Guide to Emergency Management for Mason School District SAU 89

Emergency Management Procedures employed by Mason Elementary School

Mason staff and students review and practice a variety of procedures throughout the school year. They include but are not limited to:

Drugs and medical devices for orphan diseases (according to the list approved by the Ministry of Health) are subject to mandatory labeling from March 1, 2023; Drugs included in the register of drugs with foreign registrations, the results of which are recognized in Uzbekistan are subject to mandatory labeling from March 1, 2023;

“School Evacuation” (fire or hazard in the building), “Shelter in Place” (Medical Emergency, hazard outside building), and “Intruder alert” (Intruder inside the building, angry/suicidal subject in building).

Mason School District SAU 89 Emergency protocol for parents and families are as Follows:

REMAIN CALMThe school will utilize “School Rush” the automated emergency telephone notification system to inform parents about the situation as soon as possible.

DO NOT- call the school, police, fire department or come to the school until you have been notified it is safe to do so.

     It is important to keep home, school and emergency lines open so officials can respond fully to the emergency. Cell phone use with individuals in the building is strictly prohibited as well. Staff will not be able to communicate with you until the emergency has been cleared.

Listen to local radio and TV stations.

     TV stations we use are: WMUR/Channel 9 –

                                                 WBZ TV/Channel 4 –

School Evacuation Protocol

The primary consideration in all emergencies is the safety of all students.

The Administrator on Duty will make the determination whether to send students home or evacuate to another safe and secure location after conferring with fire and police. The school’s current evacuation site is the Mason Congregational Church.

The school’s automated telephone emergency notification system (School Rush) will provide parents with pertinent information.

Follow broadcasted and designated pick-up procedures for pick up and reunification with your child(ren).

School Evacuation Off site procedure

1. Bus transportation will be utilized as a first priority.

2. The automated telephone notification system (School Rush) will provide information regarding evacuation place and pick up time.

3. If parents are allowed to come to the evacuation site:

  • Park as directed.
  • Enter the building through the primary entrance.
  • Check in with school officials and be prepared to show a photo ID.
  • Staff will unite you with your child(ren).
  • Promptly leave the evacuation site to expedite dismissal of all students.

Parents should:

1. Always know your child(ren)’s Bus number, Grade and Teacher Name.

2. Bring a photo ID when you come to school.

3. Provide the school with up to date information about cell, home and work phone numbers, and email.

4. Provide the school with current medical information about your child(ren).

5. In case you are not home, practice how your child will access home (key, neighbor or as appropriate).

6. Share this plan with two individuals listed on your child(ren)’s emergency contact list.

*It is recommended that parents review the information in this guide with their child(ren).