NH state laws provide that all students must be immunized before entering school.

  • RSA 200:38-I.a states: “All children shall be immunized prior to school entrance in accordance with RSA 141-C:20-a”
  • The NH Department of Education Administrative Rule ED 311.01 (a) states: “A parent or legal guardian shall have a child immunized against certain diseases as determined in rules He-P 301.14, Immunization Requirements, adopted by the commissioner of the department of health and human services.”

Required Immunizations

For a list of required immunizations, go to

Immunizations must be completed prior to school entry.  Documentation of immunizations must include dates on which each vaccine was administered.

Additional Resources

The NH Department of Education lists the “Most Requested School Health Services Laws and Rules for Specific Topics”. You may access information about state laws and rules here: