School Nurse’s Notes

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)
NH Lions KidSight (flyer attached)
Lions KidSight Permission Slip

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)
Norovirus (see attached flyer)

Nurse’s Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse Notes (see attached letter)

Nurse’s Notes
Vision & Hearing Screenings (see attached)

Nurse Notes


Dear Families,

As the Holiday approaches, please remember, we are finding that household contacts are the most at risk, so we ask you to keep everyone home even if only one of you are sick until we know COVID is not in your household. We plan to continue to test for any one symptom in kids as many children are not showing much sign of illness, and often only one symptom only!

We do have symptomatic testing available upon request (for students only) here using the Binax Now antigen test cards. Results are in within 15 minutes!  We also have Quickvue rapid test kits to give you for use at home upon request (for anyone in your household while supplies last). These may be used for symptomatic or asymptomatic testing! In addition, we are happy to report that we now have access to at home PCR testing available (for anyone in your household while supplies last). Please see this link for an overview of information. We are also now a UPS designated drop off site for these test kits, to save you the hassle of finding a drop box near you. Please note the box is under the overhang doors of the school, across from the library.  As with all tests given here or not, we are required to report positive results to the State of NH DHHS. Please email or call me with any questions you may have.

If you are looking for COVID vaccine information, you may go to: For information on where and how to get COVID vaccine information for your children aged 5-11, please see:

Attached, please find a flyer for another free COVID Vaccine Clinic being offered by Brookline NH EMS on Saturday Dec. 18th. This is just another option for you to obtain your vaccine if you wish to do so. We always encourage good communication with your pediatrician if you should have any questions going forward.

We will continue to work hard with the goals of keeping the students, families and community of Mason healthy and well educated until the pandemic is over. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

For a Healthy School,


Danielle Carrier RN (School Nurse)

(603) 878-2962 x18