Food Services Guidelines


Food Service Waiver Letter 09/10/2020

Mason Elementary School offers a premium quality hot entree daily, as well as two alternate sandwich and/or entree salad choices, and fruit and yogurt parfaits.  Menus will be sent home monthly and will be posted on the school website.

Method of Payment

You may send a check with your child made payable to the Mason Lunch Program.  Parents are encouraged to send checks, as this is our preferred payment.  Cash will also be accepted; however, this does slow the lines.  The check system will help increase the speed of service.

You will be able to obtain statements that allow you to review your child’s account balance as well as the activity that has taken place.  Prepaid monies can be used for any purchases in the cafeteria. Parents may contact the school food service supervisor and request that prepaid monies be used only for meal purchases.  Lunch and breakfast monies are due into school on Monday mornings, or Tuesday if the child is absent.  You are always paying a week in advance.  We welcome payments for two, three, and four weeks in advance.

Credit Policy

There is a no credit policy in the Mason School District.  In the event that students forget or misplace their money or their lunch, a meal will be provided to them and charged to their account. At this time, a letter will be sent home and information will be passed out to the building administrators. Excessive negative balances will result in the account being turned off and your child listed as a cash-only student.

EFD – Meal Charge Policy

Student Allergy/Special Needs Identification

If your student has an allergy or special need when it comes to food, please contact the school nurse and have her forward any pertinent information to the food service director.



Full price student breakfast $1.90  (Includes Milk or Juice)
Reduced student breakfast $ .30
Adult breakfast $2.25  (No Beverage)


Full price student lunch $2.60  (Includes Milk or Juice)
Reduced student lunch $ .40
Adult lunch $4.00  (No Beverage)


Separate milk or juice purchase is $.50.
Note: Students allergic to milk or who do not care for milk may make special arrangements with the chef.